1. Round WINNER: CoM POINTS: 189:137 MAP: BAM4

Weeeh... nice start! On this well known map we can show all our "skills" and kick some buts! ;) And since this time none of our players had problems with connection or something else (BlackHawk was not even there ;) we could just play well. Finaly Nufan, BlueBlaze and Cojo could show what they can in a clanmatch! And i think they did there job VERY good. Guy`s you rock! Also the "oldtimers" like Bandit, GiJoe and Urizen did there job very good! Well bad was that DLc had not enough players so that they had to use external players. So they had Galaktus aka. Batman a ex DLc member and Cobra a ex AGO and RA member as support on there side and Estoroth, Galactik, Amorel and Thematic as normal players. All other DLc members had no time or something more important to do...Liluh was there shortly but had to leave couse of his very high ping so that a player from CoM had to change in observermode. Urizen did it since he feeled sick anyway. Well there is nothing more to say except that this time all played very good together and the comscript was used nearly perfect. Our offense did a very good job and caped the enemy flag some times. There was not much def since we played very offensive in this match but when there was a def they did there job good too.
All in all it was a very good round for us but only for us couse of the probs in DLc...

Here`s a screenshot of the finel scores of round one:


Demo recorded by MellowB as Def Engie: Demo
Demo recorded by Cojo as Off Soldier: Demo
Demo recorded by Bandit as Def/Off Demoman: Demo

2. Round WINNER: - POINTS: - MAP: 2tech4

Hmm no real scores from the second round.... DLc aborted the match after the first round or better 2 players/leaders from DLc... the others stayed on the server and played at least some sort of second round on 2tech4. We can`t count the second round since DLc had only 2 real DLc`s left + there 2 ringers and Cojo from CoM as players plus from time to time Nufan from CoM too.

No screenshot available!

Demo recorded by MellowB mostly in Observer mode: Demo


Ok i have no clue if i can count this "match" as a win for CoM or not. Since the second round was`nt played for real and CoM had a much higher score in the first round i would say its a Default Win for CoM... But iam sure that all Commanders played very good and also the rest of DLc and there ringers. That DLc could not get together enough players is more than tragic... Also the behavior of some of the DLc`s after the first round was more than poor... My opinion is if there are not enough players for a real match abort it BEFORE the start and not after the first round is finished!!! I would say "all or nothing"...
There where btw. no other things to abort the match... Jennifer was running wonderfull, nice pings and not much lag at all. Also noone can say that DLc or CoM started to early... DLc told us that the match would start right after the map is loaded. So we and DLc did this... right after i entered the game i saw Thematic trying to run away with our flag! :) Well ok, it could be a great match if DLc had more players. Now i can just say thanks to DLc for the match (but it would be better if we chanceled it before the start couse of player need`s). I would say see ya at the next clanmatch but then with some more players. All in all a short matchreport for a short match...

If you have any coments about the match or the match report send them to us, they will be posted here.