1. Round WINNER: DLc POINTS: 289:218 (+20) MAP: BAM4

Hmmm quite good start of the 1. round, or? With the score we can actually be happy with... On BAM the world was still beautiful! Ok, ok I take that back again because of an ehmm "early start" of DLc we where very "impressed"! Particularly because also one of the attacking players was a Scout thereby... ok DLc had no real Leader at the start. However, they should be still so intelligent not to attack bevor all fellow players of the opposing team had joined!!!! This is again one of the advantages of QuakeWorld... there is the posibility to take advantage of the so-called "Prematchtime" in this each team could take its positions and build up the Sents. After this was properly clarified and we got 20 points extra (although I mean it should be 30...) awarded the match could CORRECTLY be started. ;) I played again Def engie what I play so far at the best level... followed by Urizen as Def Soldier in our Basement and BlackHawk as Def Soldier in our RampRoom. The remaining players of our team went then logical consistently on Offense tour... Here we wanna thank [AGO]Pat for his great help! He helped us out because one of our players was unable to show up at the match time. THX again! The wondrous was that this time BlackHawk had no problems with his Connection... why not always like that????? Otherwise actually also everything else did run quite well... no large problems with our fellow players. Also now communication in our team worked quite good... finally i heared my teammates telling incoming players and stuff... but most times without exact position. Also the Defense on this map was quite well... my Sent+Dispenser prevented quite many opponents from the seizure of our flag. In addition BlackHawks and Urizens rockets had a large contribution to our Defense! The Offense did also run quite well because of the energetic help and assistance of PAT. So we had then also some Caps not as on BEAM from the last AGO match... Ok what shoul I write here then? Hmmmmm DLc had then nevertheless somehow higher skills than we and could quite often knock off with our flag which was for us negative in the scores reflected. From a better tactic we cannot speak here because both teams had NONE. Thus DLc did win this map, but not without a good fight from us! And I must say I was surprised from this score! Thats all from the first halve... have a look at the demos to make u`re own picture from this round!

Here`s a Screenshoot from the scores of the 1. Round:


Here a demo of the first round recorded by me MellowB: Demo
And another demo recorded by A_Storm: Demo

2. Round WINNER: DLc POINTS: 489:293 MAP: BASES

Here we go... on this map DLc did not again an early start so everything could go its arranged course. ;) With our team everything remained with the Def and Offense teams like in the round bevore unfortunately not by DLc... :/ Thus we where then after the official start surprised by a SkullFuck-spy... This threw then our compleate Defense over the heap. I could some time "disguise" the spy but unfortunaly he had most times already thrown his 2 grens on my SentryGun and i could only watch how it exploded in pices. Also the other players of our team where not more successful in stoping the spy. Usually the teammates fired on eachother. Actually they should notice it if the supposed spy shoots back at them with rockets... or? Also the spy could easyly be "unmasking" if he is disguised as the same class u play by using "ID" on him... but this command is unfortunaly STRONG underestimated. Because if this command is used on a spy disguised as the same class u play he has the same name like u... so FIRE-FREE! So the spy could carry out our flag quite unstopped... what DLc brought then also very fast into far guidance. I would even say the spy had cost us this round. Our Offense had also not very much more success with its attacks because of a quite well developed Defense with several (?) Sentryguns in the enemy base. However it succeeded to put us down some good Caps... Somewhat later I changed then to Def/Off Soldier because my Sentrygun got VERY useless. But i must say that this was also no good idear because most of the time we spend shooting on teammates. I changed then to Demoman with the same result. Thus I decided then to spy around a littlebit... Which as a I think was a relatively good idea because it succeeded me some times to carry out the opposing flag despite strong Defense. Later in the game Liluh had to leave DLc because of time problems so that also Pat could leave us. Thanks go again to you! So then the remaining time of the round was played 5vs5 with no large differentiated to 6vs6. Thus we lost also this round with a somehow larger score difference than the former round... I say its all the cause of the spy! In addition, unfortunately our communication and our Teamattacks did not work as good as on BAM...!

Here`s a Screenshoot from the scores of the 2. Round:


Here a demo of the second round recorded by me MellowB: Demo
And another demo recorded by Bandit as Demoman: Demo


Ok game, match and victory for DLc!
But we are not gone down without a fight! :) Here i must mention that BOTH teams had no real strategy and tactics and so the whole match went relatively disorganized over the stage... Also DLc had no real Leader at the start so thus neither Galactik nor Estoroth where there for help. Both teams received the massage about the match only one (1!) before the match started. Likewise all players heared for the first time which maps will finally be played. Thus no time for strategy planning or any exercises on the respective maps. But despite all these problems both teams gave a good fight and for the first time a match was finally fun for ME! Because this time we are gone in the match with the expectation that we will los, what turned out then also as correct. (did someone thougt about something else?) The defeat was thus no large surprise and thus also no reason to mourning. Also we played in this match substantially better than in all matches before and this against DLc "the over-powerfully" afraid opponent! Well both teams had there "diseases" and problems to fight and therefore are this scores more than a satisfaction, at least for US! ;) Ok thanks here again to [AGO]Pat for his VERY energetic assistance... take that simply as a type of training :) Well thanks also to DLc for this match and we are surely happy waiting for the the next...
If you have any comments or corrections to this match report sends these to us, these will then be mentioned here.