1. Round WINNER: CoM POINTS: 209:179 MAP: BAM4

Jep the result of the first round is nice 4 us! U see we have won the first round! :)) There was everything allright... none of our players had problems... (except that some of our clan mates were not available!) Also the player that helped us out, Sukram did a very good job as Engineer because i didnt want to play 4 vs 4! Thank u very much again Sukram, without u we maybe never had won the first round i think... Hmm we also wanted to play a little bit offensiv but not against AGO... they started nice teamattacks against our base so that we must play a little bit more defense in the first time. We had then 2 Engies, one Soldier, one HWGuy and an Pyro or Sniper... I told Bandit that he should play Sniper all the time over the match but then he changed 4 me unknown reasons to Pyro... After we had build up a relative good defense system Wasoota and Bandit could start there attacks against the enemy base. That worked in my opinion very well because they made it to get the enemy flag out of the enemy base. Jep and the attacking enemy Soldiers or Scouts where regulary mown down from our very nice two sents in the ramp-room... but sometimes they also made it to destroy the sents. :( But who cares 10 seconds later was already one of the sents back and ready to rock and roll. :) Hmm ok in the meantime they made it to get our flag and capped it... but 4 our luck they did it not very often! After that the enemy started there spy actions... Rhino and Dubtwist where gone under cover and tryed to get in our base. It seemed to me that i was the only one in our team that realized this damn spy actions... So this spy things made it sometimes to destroy our sents with one or two hand-granates. That sucks!!! ;) It was sometimes very intersting to count with myself 3 (!) engies in our team (the other players in my team dosn`t seam to realize this...) and when u use "ID" on one of these Engies u see that he has 100 Armour???? Huh?? very interesting.... that means only one: take out u`re ShootGun and shoot this damn spy back to hell! :) But sometimes it was to late and the other spy had already tryed to escape with our flag but he was most times stopped in our ramp-room sometimes from one of our sents or from a player of our team... Hmm the sents in the ramp-room where blown up to fast in my opinion so i thougt we should build it somewhere in front of the flag-room. Jep and here they where a little bit more effective than in the ramp-room... the enemy did it a little bit more less to get our flag then before. Dumb was that in the meantime Dubtwist had a crash (again)... But he was still shown in the list of players and nobody from AGO told us that Dub was gone. So we played nearly for 5 mins without realizing that Dubtwist was gone. Then one of the players from AGO realized that Dub was gone... hmm a little bit to late because when we had stopped the game now CoM whould win 100%`ly because we had more points. So AGO tryed to play the last 5 mins as good as posible without Dubtwist`s help. But they did not very much points without Dub and as it was over ehm yes it was over... Satanix was a little bit angry because we had played so long whitout Dubtwist but that was not our fault because it was not possible for us to realize that he was gone... Ok the first round was more or less a victory for CoM but it should stay with that! :(

Here are some screenshoots of the first round:

Pic1 Pic2
Pic3 Pic4
Here is also a demo of the first round recorded by BlackHawk:

2. Round WINNER: AGO POINTS: 301:130 MAP: 2FORT5

Grmbl jep the second round... Bah it started very bad too! The first 10 minutes of the second round we did only wait for some players! First we waited for NX_Loki because Rhino disapeared... And then we waited because BlackHawk was gone! Grrrrr... This time we had also not Sukram for our support... so we toked Wax as our friendly helper. Thanks again for u`re help Wax! After there where all players together for some time we started to play... with 10 mins delay. Hmm dumb was that Dubtwist regulary blows my sent into pieses and we had no real defense at all... I sayed it sometimes in the game that we need defense but however somehow it didnt work as i tought, especialy Bandit... he should be the first line of defense as sniper but suddenly for me unknown reasons he did this only in the first 15 mins. Then he changed to Pyro and started stupid one-man attacks against the enemy base... So the enemy could nearly unstoped walk into our base and take the flag out for a walk back to there base. And then suddenly started the problems with BlackHawk internet connection... He disappeared from the list of players and came back every 5 minutes. Good ok later then also NX_Loki from AGO disappeared from the list of players so that the number of players where still a little bit balanced. It seems that Dubtwist had changed back to his Amiga because he did not exit the Match in the middle of the game. :-/ So the enemy over-runs us and stoles every time our flag and unfortunaly now they also capped it every time. Too late i got the idear that Wax should support us as second Engineer. Grmbl so we lost the second round with this horrible score and also we lost the whole match throug this...

Here are sonme screenshots of the second round::

Pic1 Pic2
Sorry there is no demo of the second round because as mentioned BlackHawk our demorecorder had very big problems. Maybe AGO has recorded the second round...


Hmm that was one of these days on that u better didn`t get up out of u`re bed.... :(
Yes finaly we have lost... Ok at this point i want to thank AGO for making this match possible. They can be happy because of us they have now there first victory and we our first loss... Special thanks must go to:
Sukram and Wax for there energetic assistance! Bad luck was that Dubtwist dosn`t want or could to play the match at an later time of the day so that we must take external players because some of our clanmates where not available at this time. Ok iam more or less happy to fight the rematch agains AGO. Hmm maybe we win the next match! :-/

Here is also some funny stuff for u to read... a translation of the German original text to English done by Babelfish/Altavist... i call it