Soo, looks like you are interested in joining our ranks! Here are just a few things to consider before going any further:

1. We Don't take absolute Newbies (We play badly enough as it is...). You should be playing Quake for some time and have at least a few weeks experience on the TF Mod.
2. If you want to join and we haven't seen you on the servers, you may be asked to do some sparring with a few of our team, just to see if you can hack it. But don't worry, nothing *really* tough... ;-)
3. If you play very well it may happen that we harass you on the servers asking you to join. This is just our way of telling you you kick ass, so take no offense, please ;-)
4. We don't take players with a ping over 500 or who are very lagged - unless they kick our ass on a regular basis, that is.
5. There is a certain amout of time involved. We do intend to train occasionally, and you should be available for this.
6. You should be easily reachable over either Phone, ICQ, IRc or Email.

Still tempted? Well, just hop over, to our Entry Form then and submit your request!

[ For any questions, feel free to ask either
MellowBrain or Bandit ]